September 24, 2021

Some feedback received from our focus groups during our testing period!

" The Radish cake taste very high class and the texture & combination of the ingredients are Simple yet special" - Sam

" Yummy bro,,,Thank you very much" - Christine

"My hubby say good! So far all like. All my colleagues and client so happy!" - Jooli

"2nd round for breakfast. And last night my nephew ate same and liked it. First box finished. Keep it going!!" LKK

" Thank you Bro Albert for the yam cake. Enjoying it for my lunch. Sedap!" - Albert

"The Yam cake is excellent!!" - Severin

" It's so yummy! Purest! I would pay to eat this again!" - Michelle

"Very tasty and good overall! Will order when ready!" - John

"Tried the carrot cake. Texture good. Ingredients generous! - Anthony

"I had your kueh last night! It was fantastic! - Edward

"Just had the Turnip + Sweet Potato is packed with rich ingredients with every mouthful...minced chicken, mushrooms, turnip, sweet potatoes & chinese sausage! Density is excellent too! My first time eating Hokkien Yam Cake!" - Carol

"Finally got to eat the kueh. It's super yummy. My kids loved it!" -Michelle

" I have tried your new carrot cake. The texture is much better than the first time. The taste is also much better and the otah is certainly unique!" Go ahead with this formula. Wish you all the best!" - Stanley

"I tried the microwave method this morning. Very fragrant, ingredients are substantial. Honestly, I think the radish cake is very good even on it's own" - Shi

" Taste good, very fulfilling..very well packed with ingredients! Sent to another friend and they said, wow fancy carrot cake!" - Phil

" Taste moist and fragrant. The moment I opened up the pack, can already smell the aroma!" - Ireana

"Good. Very consistent. No lumpy yam. However, ingredients too fine. Prefer a bit bigger bite. 8.5/10!" - Melvin

"Very tasty and good overall! Can sell! Will order again!" - Sylvia